The game corresponding to a sale or full HD also will : new Wii by which Nintendo installed Blu-ray next year.

  • 2009/10/31(土) 12:56:11


Information that there was a possibility that new Wii that was able to play the game corresponding to full HD by newly installing the Blu-ray drive will be put on the market next year was done and Leake was done the other day though what Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. had reported that they put "Nintendo DS i" that strengthened a new Nintendo DS and [majikon] measures that Nintendo becomes a large screen further on the market collected the big topics.

Nintendo might be a story thought about according to a worldwide spread trend of the high-definition television because the turning on time of Wii corresponding to the high-definition television is described in June, "When the high-definition television becomes general all over the world, it is likely to turn it on" though it is information to the end that doesn't come out from the region of rumor.

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Shining false eyelash that shows bright eye origin at night「LED Eyelash」

  • 2009/10/31(土) 12:52:57


There seems to be a luminescence type false eyelash that keeps shining no matter how it is dark though the false eyelash is becoming an indispensable item of [mechikara] ([medikara]) improvement it is from the one to put out the volume feeling to the false eyelash to the one ..starlike.. done, and sales also in the hundred-yen store now for the woman.

It is likely to be able to become existence that attracts attention by applying it with the party and the club, etc. that change for a moment though it might be the one that there is resistance in use in daily life.

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The photograph is various that resolves all Sony products such as PS3 and Walkman.

  • 2009/10/31(土) 12:48:58


The photograph is disjointedly various in the contest that bets new model PS3 and PSP Go and competes for the arm of the done resolution of the Sony product named Walkman that has been done, a cyber shot, and PS3.

The item of the bosom oak of PDA (portable terminal) series "CLIE" etc. that have the model put on the market in September, 2004 while having been resolved and became the production ends is included, and I feel elegance a little different from the attempt "The latest equipment of just the sale was resolved".

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The telephoto lens where the zoom taking a picture of eight optics times the digital camera level is achieved with Nintendo DS i appears.

  • 2009/10/31(土) 12:46:19

The telephoto lens that was able to be taken a picture by the optical zoom which eight times or less became the digital camera levels appeared as peripherals for handheld game platform "Nintendo DS i" of Nintendo.

It seems to be able to enjoy taking a picture more further by using the telephoto lens though it is Nintendo DS i that comes to be able to contribute the photograph taken with the installed camera to SNS.

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New model "Nintendo DS i LL" that adopts a big liquid crystal screen of almost the same size as Nintendo and PSP is put on the market.

  • 2009/10/31(土) 12:40:29

It is new model "Nintendo DS i LL" to look new eyes that adopted 4.2-inch liquid crystal display that hits almost the same size as PSP of Sony that installs the liquid crystal display of 4.3 inches.

A dotted line part of the above-mentioned image is a Nintendo DS The size of the screen of Lite is shown.

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