The Leake photograph of the mystery appears from new model PS3? China that became slim.

  • 2009/05/17(日) 00:29:41


PS3 that case is large because it differs from type of leaving untouched game machine of the other companies, and AC adaptor was built into main body. However, the Leake photograph assumed to be a new model who had become slim appeared.

It is a Leake photograph with a suspicious point. It might be good when thinking to the end at the reference level.

The Leake photograph made new model PS3 parts that had become slim from the Chinese factory seems to have appeared.

Leake photograph in which body new model PS3 parts by this becomes slim. Here is the upper part.

Here is parts of the bottom.

When you see upper parts from side. There is a disk insertion part in the right side.

The backs of bottom parts. There is a part where the power strip is put.

The fronts of bottom parts. The universal serial bus port can be confirmed.

Image made the outside box.

The logo of "PS3" is printed in place of the logo of "PLAYSTATION3" printed in a past main body of PS3. It is a Leake photograph with a suspicious point. The change is greatly added as for the design of the outside box.

This is the outside box of the previous model. Is the change in a great design added though the design is too different?


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