CPU"Venus" by which Fujitsu becomes the velocity of the world is developed. The processing speed is 2.5 times the velocity model of Intel.

  • 2009/05/15(金) 18:39:26


It was clarified that Fujitsu had succeeded in developing CPU"Venus" that became the velocity of the world today.

I hear that the manufacturer's in Japan developing CPU at the velocity of the world was assumed the hit after an interval of ten years, and had achieved the processing performance that hits 2.5 times the velocity model made by Intel put on the market now CPU.

It seems to have announced the success CPU (processor) at the velocity of the world that Fujitsu was able to calculate 128 billion times a second was developed.

I hear that this CPU achieved speed-up by increasing the number of center circuits that accumulate on the chip of about two square centimeters by using the technology of making to minuteness by the one that is called "Venus" from four past cores to eight cores. I hear that the computational speed was assumed that it hits 2.5 times the velocity model made by Intel CPU, and suppressed power consumption to 1/3.

World's biggest Intel and IBM precede the development of CPU, and it is assumed that the manufacturer in Japan became top in 1999 becoming of Fujitsu in 1999 the top.

It is said that it is powerful that "Venus" is adopted for the next-generation supercomputer of Institute of Physical and Chemical Research that aims at the operation at the end of fiscal year 2010, and besides being expected exercising power tens of thousands of pieces are installed over the design of the new medicine development, the earthquake prediction, and the rocket motor etc. There seems to be a possibility of leading to the developments such as the simultaneous interpreter devices of a portable type and the automatic driving devices of the car, too, if the application to the personal computer and the digital consumer electronics, etc. is achieved.


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