Capcom is formal announcement as for the release date of "Monster hunter 3". A limited package with a wear privilege ahead and original goods also

  • 2009/05/15(金) 18:22:15


The release date of Wii soft "Monster hunter 3(trial)" of the sale schedule for this summer was formally announced by a popular series latest work of Capcom.

It is assumed that limited package in addition to the wear privilege's being offered targeting the buyer ahead "Monster hunter 3 LIMITED EDITION" of an indispensable fan is put on the market, and is a content to which the expectation rises.

"Monster hunter 3" seems to be put on the market according to the press release been sent the editorial department by Capcom on Saturday, August 1, 2009. The manufacturer suggested retail price is 7340 yen.

I hear that "Monster hunter 3 LIMITED EDITION" to bundle goods by official shop "e-CAPCOM" limitation was put on the market for 9440 yen besides being put on the market on the same day by "Monster hunter 3 classic controller PRO packing" 8490 yen that bundled "Classic controller PRO" of the sale this summer at limited time moreover. Both of price including tax.

One is presented from three kinds of "Monster head figure" to the user who bought either of package at random as a wear privilege ahead. What kind of really monster is it etc.


DVD to which the making image collection of orchestra concert "Hunting music festival" of the fifth monster hunter anniversary held on May 6 and "Monster hunter 3" is collected is bundled.

Label is such feeling. I hear that an original, bundled privilege only of e-CAPCOM in addition to DVD was planned. By the way, the reservation receipt with e-CAPCOM is begun on Friday, May 15.

I hear that free download of "Countdown Flash waiting release date clock" was executed from today to Sunday, May 31 by monster hunter official fan club "[Monhan]".

The sample is such feeling.

"Monster hunter 3(trial)" The latest promotion movie is open to the public on the following pages of an official site.

The latest promotion movie


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