It will put it on the market the minimum in Toyota world class sports car and next year.

  • 2009/05/26(火) 15:29:58

Toyota Motor's being developing the sports car of a minimum in the world class has understood the 12th. Corresponding to the car parting etc. of application for the president who assumes the position in June and a serious young person aims. A move of the attack is stricken to an inside that fights hard by the deterioration in earnings and fan new development as a Toyota brand with a new sports car after an interval of ten years. The sale is thought next year.

It is the shortest "iQ" in the world in a four-seater passenger car that is 2.98 meters in the total length and on the market becoming basic. The 6MT gear-change is expected to be adopted, to improve the suspension etc. , and to improve roadholding. As for iQ, the goodness of the fuel cost that can start by 23 kilos a gasoline liter also considers an environmental side by the feature.

Akio that voluntarily participates in the race for 24 hours in world highest peak and Nurburgring of the amateur race is "Car that can feel the running enjoyment" and instructs it to the development of a micro sports car according to parties concerned in the end of this month. It is said that it was planned as a modern sports car to which not a conventional type but the environment and the concern for fuel cost have risen, too.

The sports car of Toyota is MR? that was produced and sold in 99?07. S is the end, and the desire of Akio to the sports car revival is strong. It is expected that the price is high, and the new model will be suppressed to the price which two million yen is under so that a lot of people may buy it like 7.66 million yen it as for sports car ISF of luxury car Lexus, and 7.1 million yen as for SC.


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