Hikaru Utada and the United States promotion is postponed due to sickness.

  • 2009/05/12(火) 21:57:26


It was clarified to postpone the promotion activity of the new album released by the "Utada" name that popular, pop singer Hikaru Utada (26) was scheduling in the United States due to sickness on the 11th.

The team of doctors is "Relapse of an acute left part tonsils" and diagnoses it according to the announcement published in Utada's official site (www.utada.com). It is said that at least two weeks were directed to refrain from the travel and the use of the voice as a result of the short-term hospital admission and the examination.
Utada was scheduling the advertisement of album "This Is The One" in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, and Honolulu on the 12th.
Moreover, Utada's publicist :. 「It is disappointed in the fan of a new album of the United States and very disappointed because it came to have to postpone this promotion activity due to sickness. looked forward very much ..the delivery..It is expected that a new schedule can try to be united as much as possible at early time. 」It solved and the comment was announced.

Utada Offcial Web Site


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