[Evangelion] new Movie version 'Break' 『ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版:破』 This preview lifts a ban on the net.The world of Eva that this is new

  • 2009/05/09(土) 17:20:29


Movie Evangelion new drama place version that became a big hit last year: beginning' It breaks, this preview of' is lifted on the net, and the outlook on the world of the story ..movie 'Evangelion new drama place version:.. has come into view little by little following.

The movement of the picture with a high quality such as the third machines that make the train, the running first Evangelion machine, the second machine that mobilizes, and the evening sun a back is also smooth. What development different from the television version waits is really anxious.

Movie Trailer is Read more ↓

In this preview, the main character in addition to the appearance of Eva appears, too. Externals seem not to have the change too much though it is [shikinami ] to which the anxious name is changed and ASKA Langley. Ayamani Rei is beautiful. A noteworthy point is a place where a new character and [shinmareha] and the Mali illustration ria shoreline of glasses appear. From ASKA to be still of hair of Van Dyke brown and hair connected with blue bandeaux and 2 like feature of this characterWhat character ASKA and Mali where Ayamani Rei and the nature that likes solitude are strong are has not been revealed yet.

Moreover, it was announced that it was issued on April 18, and No.2 of 'EVA-EXTRA' that the remainder immediately becomes distribution completion popularly was issued on May 16. It is a check because it is distributed in the screening theater and Lawson (Tokyo outskirts), etc. in the whole country necessary.

Movie Trailer ↓

Evangelion New Trailer


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