Two high school students and teacher in first infection confirmation Osaka in the country

  • 2009/05/09(土) 17:04:44

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare etc. announced that two schoolboys and one teacher at Osaka prefectural high school that had returned home from Canada to New Tokyo International Airport by way of the United States had been infected with new influenza on the ninth. It was confirmed by the genetic testing that National Institute of Infections Diseases had executed. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare reported to World Health Organization (WHO) as the first infection example in Japan. Health Minister Yoichi Masuzoe who urgent had an interview「It had been confirmed before it entered a country by quarantine (The infected person :). There was a constant effect of stopping it at the edge of the water. 」The opinion that the government action plan was described, and was not changed like the first stage (overseas generation period), and did not shift to the second stage (early stage of domestic generation) was shown.

- It returns home from Canada to Narita by way of the United States.

Both of the three people are man teachers (46) in Osaka Prefecture Neyagawa City at the prefectural high school, and two schoolboys of the second grader every 16 years old according to the Osaka Prefecture educational commitee etc.24 in April?It participated in the international exchange business that Neyagawa City assisted with other prefectural schools in the same city the second grade of high-school, and the high school in the Canada Oakville city etc. were visited by 30 people in the total of the student and 6 people in the total of the teacher on the eighth this month.

Three people are being isolating hospitalized in the hospital of the Red Cross Narita of the infectious disease specification medical institution (Chiba Prefecture Narita city). Because the man teacher was generating heat, the Tamiflu of the antiflu drug was prescribed. It has not already had a fever, and the sit up and take notice of two students. It is considered that danger of causing the abnormal behavior is pointed out in one's teens as for Tamiflu, and says two people not administering.

Moreover, 49 people such as passengers who were sitting in close contact with going student, teacher, and infected person (range of about two meters in the radius) are objects of the stopping measures based on Quarantine Law.

According to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare etc. , the line visited the waterfall, and watched Major League of National Diet Building and Niagara besides participating in the class of a high school that homestay doing and was local in Canada. It moves from Canada Toronto to U.S. Detroit on the seventh. It arrived at New Tokyo International Airport by 25 Northwest Airlines flights (space charter mail and 412 passenger crew (6348 Continental Airlines flights and 4351 Delta Air Lines flights)) from Detroit at 4:30PM of the eighth.

The symptom of influenza appeared in three people while Canada staying, and the schoolboy who had developed first ran 38 fever on the night of the fifth, and took the cold medicine. The student and another teacher developed on the sixth. It is said that one of the students consults a physician a local hospital, and it returned home according to schedule by all members because it was a diagnosis that it is not influenza according to the prefecture educational commitee.

The government action plan is supposed to switch measures to the second stage when the infected person is generated domestically, and to take the infection expansion preventive measure including citizens' activity restrictions such as the business reductions of the self-imposed control of the closure and the meeting ..administrative divisions.. together and the enterprises. However, when the waterside can be obstructed in the quarantine station, it is decided to continue the waterside measures the same as the current because the virus might not extend within the country.

- Ontario state … The maximum infected person in Canada

The new influenza infected persons in Canada are 242 people who follow the United States and Mexico. 61 infected persons of most are confirmed in east part Ontario state that the teacher and the student at Osaka prefectural high school visited according to Health Canada according to state as of the eighth. Teachers were stopping by Toronto and Ottawa, etc. in this state.

Moreover, the grade-schooler is infected, and the school says correspondence also in Oakville, Ontario City that three people visited according to local media the chase.


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