The Pokemon Gold and Silver revive after an interval of ten years.  Remake is decided for DS.

  • 2009/05/09(土) 12:23:56

hert gold

Soft 'Pocket monster Gold and Silver' for Gameboy (GB) that had been put on the market as the second bounce of popular RPG series in November, 1999 was remade for the Nintendo DS, and being put on the market understood the seventh as 'Heart gold' and 'Soul silver' this autumn. A new element is added, and "[Jouto] the provinces" revives after an interval of ten years.

'Gold silver' that records marvelous sales of 23 million all over the world as the first, new series finally revives following 'Pocket monster red, green, blue, and Pikachu' of the founder series. The monster that did not appear is started, and various new elements are added to the GB version.

As the Pokemon series, after the founder 'Red and green' is put on the market as 'Fire red leaf green' for Game Boy Advance (GBA) in 2004, the work now is the second remake bounce. Moreover, the work might fly from GB over GBA, exceed, both differences from 'Red and green' that is GBA, become DS from GB suddenly now, and graphic and the sound seem to be sure to become great power-ups. Details are open to the public at any time on an official site etc.


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