Ichiro doesn't stop popularly. Junker is greatly echoed by "Drink before it plays a game".

  • 2009/03/26(木) 23:40:14

The hit is shot in the WBC final, and the concern for nourishment robust beverage "Yellow emperor Junker liquid" of the Sato medicine manufacture for which Ichiro outfielder (35) of U.S. Major League and Mariners that contributes to successive victories of samurai Japan makes CM contract has risen. The inquiry concerning "[Yunkerufantei;]" of the Ichiro player favorite poured in to this company on the 26th by the influence that Softbank and Kawasaki [shuunotto] (27) had spoken with "It is before one hour playing a game that Ichiro drank Junker" in the interview after it had won the championship. As for the genius batter, "Superior ranking of the ideal" of the insurance company investigation shone to minimus 1st place in history.

"The harvest was to have understood Ichiro drank Junker one hour the game beginning ago. "

Interview before homecoming on the 25th (local time the 24th). The joke of Kawasaki where reporters' laughter had been invited unexpectedly set fire the fire to "Junker" brand. It was tens of in the Public Relations Department of the Sato medicine manufacture from the consumer on the 26th that dawned at night, and tens of inquiries poured in from the retail store in addition.

It is expensive "Fanti" (3150 yen of including tax) in second of 33 kinds of series according to this company to drink before Ichiro plays a game. The opinion "I want to drink by all means" and "Where do it obtain?", etc. is being quite sent to the people by the consumer who wants to be soaked by all means in Ichiro feelings though it is a price to which the hand cannot be put out. The effect of this commodity is "Person who wants to fight at once. "「[Zo] that works hard now. When saying」"Before sports etc." etc.It is exactly a drink of "Ichiro model" like being prepared for the genius batter.

It takes the place of advertising copy with "It is [yunkerunba] and [ganbarunba]" impressive [tamori], and the Sato medicine manufacture Public Relations Department that has appointed the Ichiro player to the face of the brand since January, '02 :. 「('04 when Major League record was repainted)It is time of 262 safe hits (eyes of ..drinking.. [chuu]). The Kawasaki player's comment was very glad of appeal as the brand. 」..very pleased.. face. solving

Fever doesn't stay only in the drink. Ichiro sprang up from last year's 5th place who was the first high-ranking ten to the head position at a dash every year by a customary "Ideal boss" ranking. This ranking during a day of this month from just February 23 immediately before beginning of WBC investigated for newly graduated man and woman who will find employment this spring. 35-year-old Ichiro player came in minimus 1st place in history because beat excellence and [**] Hoshino and Atsuya Furuta had decorated the top after it had started in 03. The Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co. insurance Public Relations Department analyzed, "It made an effort, and the result kept not only being put out for the target but also samurai Japan was brought together and the raised appearance sounded in new employees' minds as a team leader".

Moreover, to 1st place of three continuous times in the man popularity rating in "TV personality image investigation" of the announcement on the same day though it is not a talent. The Ichiro stock seems still to rise while reverberations of final [u] remain.


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