Does Sony put "PlayStation cellular phone" on the market? Two or more smart phones also

  • 2009/05/23(土) 00:02:13


Sony might put the brand cellular phone of game machine "PlayStation" on the market in 2007.
It was clarified that there was a possibility to be put on the market really.

Moreover, it is possible to touch of the appearance of two or more smart phones in the future.

At present, Sony Ericsson who is the cellular phone manufacturer of the Sony group seems to be annoyed by the slump of the unprecedented achievement according to this article.

I hear that the analyst of how many people analyzed for making a strenuous effort of neither Sony Ericsson nor Motorola, Inc. to be similarly worried about the slump of the achievement of this business slump in the development of a smart phone to which demand rapidly rises because iPhone of Apple appeared to have a big influence.

And, Mr. Komiyama of whom Sony Ericsson assumed the position in the top in November, 2007 describes in London, "If we do not adjust to this new technology and market circumstances, it is likely to be defeated", and is assuming that it made the decision making centralization besides 4000 employees who will hit 30% of the whole by middle of next year are downsized as a part that reduces the cost of 880 million Euro a year (about 116.5 billion yen).

Assume, Mr. Komiyama is "A kind of experiment" "XPERIA X1" though the above-mentioned image is the first in Sony Ericsson and smart phone "XPERIA X1", and besides at least two smart phones that will adopt OS such as Android of Windows Mobile of Symbian OS of NOKIA and Microsoft and Google by the end of April in 2010 are put on the market, the possibility of making the appearance of "PlayStation cellular phone" equipped with the game function that is the strong point of Sony besides the brand cellular phone such as a cyber shot and Walkman appear is described, "It is possible to happen".


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