It is a mournful message to Yoko Ono and Seishiro Imawano.

  • 2009/05/22(金) 18:45:23

It is a mournful message to Yoko Ono and Seishiro Imawano.

Yoko Ono published the mournful message to the rock singer and Seishiro Imawano who had died in youth of 58 years old for a cancerous lymphopathy on May 2 in an official Twitter site of < Dream Power super-live John Lennon >.

Seishiro Imawano performs to < super-live John Lennon > in 2005 in compliance with calling Yoko who says that it will present the school to children to whom the world is not given. It would be hospitalized due to larynx cancer the next year, and Yoko who knew the sickness was sending the letter of the encouragement "Let's improved early, and sang together" to Seishiro who was recuperating.

Getting hot yell from Yoko, and live this return appearance of Seishiro who had decided it on December 8, 2007 ..holding.. super-live John Lennon <> the first stage after it returnsI was pleased with reunion to talk about the episode of the letter that reached while recuperating hot on the stage, and to embrace each other to Yoko who had appeared in last. In the finale, ..tune that John Lennon had left.. sing enthusiastically of two people queuing up.

- Mournful message by Yoko Ono
「Seishiro and you were good those who understood about super-John Lennon live Dream Power, and it did alone about those who supported it. You forget and I "Imagine" for the sing enthusiastically never never forget because I say, "The lock changes the world" ..Dream Power super-live John Lennon it... You also shared dreams of us who said that it would present the school to children in Asia and Africa. I pray for [****]. We wish to express our gratitude. Yoko」


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