Do you advertise it to the belt of the taxi?Coca-Cola Japan campaigns "[Metabo] prevention".

  • 2009/05/21(木) 18:39:30


[Metabo] person who is anxious about his stomach surroundings and the reserve. Isn't the seat belt of the car tight?

Coca-Cola Japan is making the taxi that put the logo of the copy and "Hajimetyaka" of "Weight support of every day" in the seat belt of the seat after wearing is made an obligation run in Tokyo and Osaka by the campaign to commemorate the second anniversary of the sale of " 健康緑茶 一茶花(HAJIMETYAKA)" that develops until the beginning of June.

200 dashes respectively in the town. It is an aim for the adoption of the seat belt as advertising media to press wearing the seat belt for the first time in Japan, and to consider "Stomach surroundings".

As for tea flowers, "Hajimetyaka" put on the market renewedly on March 17 by the item paid attention to as a material of [metabo] measures increases "Flower extraction thing of tea" of a healthy material to twice so far.

Moreover, a big echo advertising to develop of the execution of this company from the beginning to the middle of April humorous was called before this "Taxi campaign".

The place wants inadvertently to touch in Tokyo, the Shinbashi station where a lot of businessman comes and goes, and premises of Osaka and Umeda Station and sets up solid [adopira-] (pillar rolling) to imitate "[Pokkori] stomach" of the becoming it feeling in which "[Punipu]" is done. The person who quietly compared "Stomach" that coiled around the pillar and his stomach was not endless.


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