Marketing EV and the prototype of Renault are completed.

  • 2009/05/20(水) 18:35:16

Nissan EV 01
'[Kangu-] BEBOP' opened the electric vehicle and 'Z.E.' (zero emission vehicle) of the base to the public to Renault first in the closing of accounts symposium held in Paris on the sixth. It is marketed with EV that Renault jointly developed with Nissan in 2012.

Renault declares that it will begin by January and 2011 2008 the mass production of EV, and aim at the leading company in the EV field with Nissan. Nissan already develops EV based on 'Cubic the cube', and has done the test for marketing. Renault produced the prototype of the electric vehicle based on [kangu-] BEBOP.

The motor put on the place of the transmission is maximum output 60ps, and max torque 19.4kgm. The Lithium ion battery made of AESC (automotive Electric supply Corporation) that Nissan and NEC jointly established is installed in the secondary battery in April, 2007.

This Lithium ion battery is composed of 48 modules in total with each of four cells, and the accumulation of electricity capacity is 15 kilowatt-hour. Because the small one is laid out under the dashboard by the feature, spaciousness is not sacrificed at all. Moreover, it has high durable articles quality in which a new performance is maintained for six years.

[Kangu-] BEBOP Z.E . The practicality of maximum speed 130 km/h(limiter operation) and the maximum cruising range 100km is secured by combining a newly developed Lithium ion battery and an efficient motor though it peels off and there are 1591kg [kuruma] both weights. It is said that it aims at the maximum cruising range 160km when marketing it. It was equipped with the regenerative brake.

The charge method prepares two kinds. One : charging time for 6-8 hours in the one connected with a general outlet of 10A or 16A and 220V. The charge with the home and the office is assumed.

Another one has the charge ability of 80% every 30 minutes in the rapid charge type of 32A and 400V. The socket for this rushing charge is called "Marechal", and laid out to the front grille. When 24 companies like the Nissan Renault union and the RWE group in Germany, etc. market it by the one to aim at the spread as the world common format, the charge completion in 20 minutes is a target.

Externals adopt the special body color of light blue metallic. Headlamp & taillight was made LED ..a power consumption little... [Ro-daun] by 20mm for height to decrease the wind drag. It is a design that the aluminum foil of 18 inches also considered the wind drag. The trim and the satin finish chrome etc. of a metallic gray are features in the room, and the battery remainder amount meter is added to [inpane].

Renault is [kangu-] BEBOP Z.E . The demonstration running tour that drinks and holds [te] strike concurrently is started in July in Europe. The performance is scheduled to be confirmed aiming at marketing in 2012.
Nissan EV 02
Nissan EV 03
Nissan EV 04
Nissan EV 05


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