An overseas Japanese fan is registered. It is a target sightseeing agency in about two million people as for the guest who comes to Japan.

  • 2009/05/20(水) 18:29:19


The sightseeing agency starts the database architecture of an overseas Japanese fan in fiscal year 2009. The questionnaire that the premium such as airline tickets hits through a special website is executed, and the foreigner interested in Japan is registered. Result of the questionnaire such as "Place where it wants to go" is used for the enrollee while sightseeing information is delivered with mail and it ties to visit to Japan tourist's digging up.

A worldwide economic crisis influenced the foreign traveler who visited Japan, and it became corresponding ratio to the previous year 30% decrease in 1 and February. It hits the database architecture, and 12 countries such as the U.S., Britain, the inside, South Korea, and Thailand and regions are specified for the emphasized market. It publishes an ad to a local newspaper and the magazine in each language, and a special site is advertised. This agency is aiming at the registration of two million people or more.
Result of the questionnaire is made a data base with the respondent, and an interactive relation is built through the offer of the sightseeing guide according to hope etc.As a result, the fan that seems to become a repeater that visits Japan repeatedly in the future is enclosed and it crowds.


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