Sales and the gross profit of Nintendo are the highest in the past.

  • 2009/05/19(火) 18:24:42


Nintendo became the highest 279 billion yen and both of the gross profits Sales such as leading game machine "Wii" "Nintendo DS" of this company were good, and sales were 1,838,600,000,000 yen according to the brief announcement of the most recent financial statement following the end of the fiscal year at the period on announced March, '09 the seventh, and 555.2 billion yen, and current profit 448.6 billion yen the operating profit ever

Sales of "Nintendo DS Lite" in foreign countries were steady in the portable game machine. "Rhythm heaven gold" etc. put on the market domestically were good besides popular series new software such as "Pocket monster" and "[Ka-bii;] of the star" won popularity. Moreover, overseas sales etc. of "Wii Fit" that paid attention were good in the fitness boom besides the Wii version of a popular title in DS such as "Mariocart" and "Forest very stricken" in "Wii" of the unredeemable type left a steady sales performance.

Overseas sales of latest model "DSi" of the Nintendo DS and the new work of popular series "Zelda's legend" will be said in ..this company.. the future the schedule the announcement.


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