Toyota puts convertible "IS250C" on the market.

  • 2009/05/18(月) 18:08:31

IS250C 01
Toyota Motor announced that they put convertible "IS250C" based on the sports sedan of luxury car brand "Lexus" on the market on the seventh.

It finished it up in an elegant styling by the four-seater that adopted a top metal of the electric opening and shutting type. The woman was set to the main target for the first time as a senior model of Toyota in addition to the family layer.

Rolling the wind in the room generated when opening running is controlled, and a comfortable space is secured. A newly developed side air bag that protected the chest and the head was equipped normally in the front seat. Max power is 215 horsepower, and the total emission is 2499cc. The mileage per liter of gasoline is 11.2 kilos. The price : from 4.95 million yen.

The sales target is 100 during a domestic month, and it puts it on the market by 65 countries such as Europe and America by the end of May.


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