"Cinderella castle" and "Toy Story" New attraction announcement of TDR

  • 2009/05/17(日) 18:00:52


Oriental Land that managed Tokyo Disney Resort announced on the seventh that it would construct a new attraction in Tokyo Disneyland (TDL) in Chiba Prefecture Urayasu City and Tokyo Disney SEA (TDS) respectively.

It is an attraction of the walk through type to reproduce the story of "Cinderella" in the diorama and the painting in the Cinderella castle in the center of the site part that is newly established in TDL. The name is undecided. It is scheduled to invest two billion yen in total, and to open in 2011.

"Toy Story mania" in which it can enjoy the stereoscopic vision by wearing 3D glasses to "American waterfront New York area" is constructed in adjoining TDS. The opening is scheduled in 2012 spending 11.5 billion yen in total by the attraction that aims at the target of the stereoscopic vision with the character of Pixar movie Disney/"Toy Story" taking the vehicle.

It is announced that "Mickey's [firuha-majikku]" (TDL) is an open schedule in Tokyo Disney Resort in "Turtle toque" (TDS) and 11 in October this year.


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