To the university after Asasyoryu retires"I am Keio. "

  • 2009/05/05(火) 18:23:59


It has been understood to contemplate entering of Japan in the university as a plan after the grand champion sumo wrestler and AsaSyoRyu of the Grand Sumo Tournament retire. A person near AsaSyoRyu related to Mongol : on the fourth. 「(going on to school)The consultation has been received. Declaredly in front of the international student, "Become a university student", and it seems to hope for the school in Japan. 」It talked. AsaSyoRyu acquires permanent resident's resident status in Japan on April 27. It seems to hold the ambition of the doctor's degree acquisition on the other hand though it is considered highly probable to act the business in Japan and Mongolia after it retires.

Another parties concerned analyze entering college that [daba-] [batobayaru] of an active former komusubi(one of the grades of sumo wrestling) and Kyokushuzan existence has greatly influenced as a politician in Mongolia. 「A current grand champion sumo wrestler is advancing on the same road as the Kyokushuzan barrier including having acquired "Permanent resident status". There might be able to be entering college enough to apply neat. 」It pointed it out. When [batobayaru] passes at the correspondence course course of Waseda University in 04, the grand champion sumo wrestler shows the concern and is leaking it to surroundings , saying that "Am if Kyokushuzan is Waseda, I Keio?". There are results of the sumo wrestling going abroad to study in Kochi and the discernment morality cram school amount, too and is a possibility of achievement enough if seriously working.

AsaSyoRyu announces the school uniform appearance by CM of the soft drink now, and is popular. It will enjoy the campus life as a genuine student in several years.

HEY !!!!
I have a Question . What will he learn at the university?

I think that He want to meet youg girl .
Only because He want to play with young woman


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