The [sumairi-kikuchi] blog blazing up the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and six person send the police report

  • 2009/03/26(木) 23:27:24


One Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department investigation division assumes that it did writing assumed that [sumairi-kikuchi] was related to the murder on the 27th due to the event that "Murderer" etc. and a malignant writing continue to the blog by comedian [sumairi-kikuchi] (37). Do the send the police report of four men of men (36) of the company employee in Saitama Prefecture Toda City on the suspicion of honored harm and did the send the police report of two men and women of men (36) of the operative in prefecture concerned Iruma City on the suspicion of the threat.

All of the six people admit the suspicion according to this division. 「It sympathized if it was not possible to permit by seeing writing of relations to the murder. It was done that it apologized to know it was false. 」It reflects. It is said that the prosecution is exceptional together over writing in the blog that is called "Blaze up".

Six people will harm honor by slandering groundless of "Person who seems that a person related to the murder it" and "Die ..the homicide.. ..the violation.. ..,..", etc. from his cellular phone and personal computer to the blog over several-time respectively in the middle of August from the beginning of April last year according to the examination of this division. 「Qualification where it lives. Punch [kurawasu]」「..the aim of you.. is a lot... Die. 」The doubt written to threaten is lean.

Writing false, that is, took part in the high school girl concrete stuff murder that occurred in Tokyo Adachi Ward for about ten years in Internet discussion board over [sumairi-kikuchi] started, and it existed in the damage of "Blazed up" that writing that the blog is malignant pours in.

Did the send the police report of six people with a malignant content of writing though this division was listening to circumstances from a lot of people who were specifying writing. Do the send the police report of another one person already on the suspicion of the threat, and having been built a case for became seven people in total.


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