Does the standard nomenclature of "PSP2" : to "PSP Go"?The very large memory and the high-resolution camera, etc. rumor installing.

  • 2009/05/16(土) 15:24:49


New model PSP seems to be likely to become a name of "PSP Go" equipped with the high-resolution camera and the very large memory though it was told to be expected that Sony will announce "PSP2" or "PSP-4000" with FJ2Z as a new model of PSP before.

What model do it really become though it is new model PSP with the story of installing the touch screen, too?The above-mentioned image is an image image.

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Sony seems to be regarded that new PSP is announced in trade fair "E3" of the computer game played in Los Angeles in the United States in June according to this article.

And, it is assumed that new soft "Gran Turismo Mobile ([gurantsu-risumomobairu])" and 100 old work PSP set of software or more are downloading sold according to the sale of the new model besides assuming the model new model PSP by whom the slide mechanism that provides with a dual, analog stick is adopted, and becoming after UMD is abolished the one that flash memories of 8GB or 16GB were built into.

I hear that Sony is introducing the brand of video on demand service "Go View" and 1.3 million-pixel external camera "Go Cam" in a European market, and new model PSP had the possibility of coming to naming of "PSP Go" with built-in camera it moreover.

By the way, the name of "PSP2" "PSP-4000" "PSP Slide" "PSP Flip" is enumerated, and it is guessed that it is first put on the market in Japan in September, and it is put on the market in the United States from October through November as a candidate of naming it.


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