NTT DoCoMo puts FOMA latest terminal on the market in June. The transmission rate also : to the improvement.

  • 2009/05/15(金) 19:42:19


It was clarified that there was a possibility of putting a new model that had improved the transmission rate in June on the market though it was NTT DoCoMo that had completely changed a past serial number last November, and announced the FOMA terminal of four series of "PRIME" "STYLE" "SMART" "PRO".

Details are as follows.

According to material that NTT DoCoMo announced the approachs such as the improvements and CSR (social responsibility of enterprise) of the customer satisfaction rating in fiscal year 2009, besides keeping available about packet fixed amount service "[Pake] [ho-daidaburu]" and "Biz [ho-daidaburu]" at 490 yen a month (including tax) on Friday, May 1, it seems to assume mail that has appended excluded free image and animation, etc. up to now to be free about the i-mode mail in "Family discount" and "Office discount" groups.

I hear becoming availably at 1000 yen a month (including tax) when the value plan is applied by newly offering "Standard the fixed amount data plan" and discount service "The fixed amount data can crack standard" of fixed amount service "Fixed amount data plan" of the data communication from Wednesday, July 1 to use such as personal computers and.

Moreover, it does by newly introducing "HSUPA" as a approach of service on the upgrade in June corresponding to the high-speed data transmission of going up 5.7Mbps or less in addition to descending 7.2Mbps or less the past.

By the way, they were not allowed to correspond to a new communication method by updating the firmware of an existing terminal when the [i-] mobility introduced HSUPA and [zouhaya] of HSUPA was done, and the correspondence terminal was put on the market newly. NTT DoCoMo seems to be thought that the latest terminal of FOMA by which the high-speed communication becomes possible apparently by adopting HSUPA when thinking the terminal for the sales battle was put on the market in summer last June is put on the market by NTT DoCoMo in June.


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