To cooperation in Japan and China aiming at the developments such as advanced cell phones and terminals

  • 2009/05/13(水) 22:59:27

The standard of "LTE(Long Term Evolution)" being introduced as the 3.9th generation cellular phone following the third generation cellular phone named present W-CDMA and CDMA 2000 1x is clarified it was clarified that Japan and China jointly developed the advanced cell phone though it decided also in Japan.

What cooperation is really done though the outflow of the technology etc. are very anxious?Moreover, the advantage that Japan obtains is clarified as a result.

Details are as follows.

According to the report of Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc., it seems to agree on the frame-making of technical co-operation at the conference that the Prime Minister Aso and the Wen Jiabao Prime Minister in China hold in Beijing on April 29 tomorrow as part of strengthening the strategic, mutually beneficial relationship for the development of the advanced cell phone of Japan and China.

I hear that this is a stare of the shift of the communication standard that becomes a main current in China to (3.9G) the third same generation cellular phone (3G) and the 3.9th generation with Japan, and both governments initiated the public private partnership in new terminal development and the infrastructure maintenance, etc.

Moreover, it is assumed that the advancement of Japanese firm to the world's largest cellular phone market assumed to be about 650 million Chinese is backed up by such technical co-operation.

By the way, because a new high-speed railway in China that receives the licensing of technology of Siemens in Germany and was manufactured has been announced, "China is completely maintaining the intellectual property right", the anxiety that the technology that arose in the joint development with Japan is not assumed to be "It is a complete, domestic technology of Chinese original development" remains for China where the speculation that it wants to make the communication method of domestic the world standard is held. So that because GIGAZINE is blueprint of software that is basic as made it to article of IT product it, and tries to obligate compulsion indication of "Source code" never let to be known to other party to turn out profit to overseas manufacturer by China the other day

It might have to be noted how much existence of various "China risk" with the best of care for jointly developing and passing the technology and knowhow even though is a big market China.


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