Sale schedule game list in May, 2009【 chapter Wii 】

  • 2009/05/08(金) 17:46:41

The title that is put on the market and scheduled in Wii that free streaming service "Between Wii" starts in May is three. Action RPG "Bonds of gold" of "[Takutoobumajikku]" that hits the succession work of "Winning eleven play manufacturer 2009" of the new work of [uiireshiri-zu] and the lost felt-tipped marker and the [jareko] whole body is scheduled.

●Winning Eleven Play Maker 2009
・Genre soccer

・Manufacturer Konami

The latest work of soccer game series "Winning eleven" appears in Wii. The operation with a classic controller and the Wii remote control sidewise for a past player is possible besides being able to operate it intuitively with Wii remote control and nunchakus. "Mastering league" mode appears, management and the promotion of an original team are done, and it is possible to crowd.

●Takt of Magic
Magic action strategy

・Manufacturer Nintendo

Real-time strategy that draws flow of game "Lost felt-tipped marker" for Nintendo DS that Taito put on the market in 2006. The enemy is suppressed by practicing the magic of four attributes of the wind, the fire, the soil, and water in the progress of a battle that changes hour by hour. Strong magic can be practiced by combining runes, and the combination becomes 100 kinds or more.

5800 yen (including tax)

・May 21 in expected date sale

Action RPG


New work of [jareko] whole body. It is resolver (any monger) [rian] of apart from others that the player operates. It boils a super-huge boss and infinitely, and the cut battle that strikes the coming enemy is the maximum feature, and the world is drawn by soft pencil line touch.

7140 yen (including tax)

・May 28 in expected date sale


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