Ministry of Defense and the missile deployment to the resident explanation … It uneasily extends to the Tohoku development.

  • 2009/03/26(木) 23:19:20


The government is paid attention over the problem that North Korea advances the launching preparation of a ballistic missile under the pretext of "Space satellite", and it is received to have put out "Destruction measures instruction" based on Self-Defense Forces Law, and is paid attention to the method of operating patriot missile 3(PAC3) of the ground disposition type that intercepts a ballistic missile on the 27th.

When the interception destroys it with a technical uncertainty really possible, the possibility that a large amount of splinter pours down over the ground is incontrovertible. Ministry of Defense and the Self Defense Forces plan to explain to local centering on the Tohoku region where disposition is scheduled.

It is Akita stationing ground of the Ground Self-Defense Force (Akita City) and Iwate stationing ground (Iwate Prefecture Takisawa-son) that decided the disposition of PAC3 besides the metropolitan area. The PAC3 force moves about 600 kilos in the land route from the Air Self-Defense Force Hamamatsu base (Hamamatsu City).

The antiballistic missile of PAC3 is detected by the final phase that the missile has fallen in the atmosphere. Therefore, Ministry of Defense assumes, "The interception is possible even if the booster that puts the fuel to say nothing of the fall of a ballistic missile might come off from the sea area of the fall schedule, and it fall in the Tohoku region" (executive of this ministry).

However, the range of the interception of PAC3 can cover only the central portion of both prefectures in Akita and Iwate by ten kilometer or more in the radius degree. There is a possibility that a large amount of iron fragments drop, too, even if it hits the missile and the booster and it destroys it.

" force.. 25 vehicle and about 80 people ..PAC3.." (Air Self-Defense Force mainstay executive) ..composition of launcher equipped with missile, radar installation, and power source car, etc.... Resident's anxiety is flapped if passing in the urban area though it distributes and it moves to the development ground.

Head of the Joint Staff Ryoichi of [oki] of the top Self Defense Forces also describes at the regular press conference on the 26th, "The explanation of local and the municipality is examined as Ministry of Defense", and the plan that doesn't expand uneasiness is being examined. The voice "There is an idea of arranging it in the maneuver place in not the Akita stationing ground in the residential area but the vicinity of the coast, too" has been raised in the Self Defense Forces, too.


In the Iwate Prefectural government, the Kumagaya [bun**] command on the Ground Self-Defense Force Iwate stationing ground visited governor Takuya of [tachizou] around 9:40AM, and the official announcement of the destruction measures instruction was told.

After it confers, the Kumagaya command : to the journalist. 「It makes an effort to reduce the damage of the flight thing by taking the interception situation. I would like you to understand. 」It talked.

Fishery man (67) in Akita Prefecture 8 peak town Hachimori「Something might drop. It is scary, and I do not want to go out to catch fish for a while. 」It says.

The ballistic missile that North Korea launched in 1998 is the same and [chakuhi] [shita] Iwate Prefecture is also same as the coast of Sanriku. [Kikutarou] Kosaka councilor (57) of the [omoshige] fishery cooperative in Miyako City appeals, "It wants you to inform them of facts and figures promptly this time though it ..understanding the missile's where it having dropped.. worried about ten years ago".

Tsuya housewife Takahashi (39) who lives from the Iwate stationing ground in the Iwate Prefecture Takisawa-son where PAC3 is scheduled to be disposed in the place of about 100 meters「It is still scary when entering such a state of the tension. It is uneasy that nothing is told from the village. 」It spoke.


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