and "When it is nakedness, it is bad what" It gets drunk and loud voice.

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Kusanagi Tsuyosi suspect (34) of popular group "SMAP" that the flagrant delict had been arrested by the public indecency charge on the 23rd was popular in SMAP where the individuality sect became complete , saying that "It is friendly". It widely takes an active part as an actor and an image character. It chased it to the fan and the spectacle society, and the belonging office started the impact, and was chased by the correspondences of CM discontinuance and the replacement of the character, etc.

The idol group and SMAP by which the Kusanagi suspect belongs are known by a lot of hits including "Night sky [nomukou]", and the variety program is taken an active part. The place of the activity has been expanded to the drama and the movie.

Regular appearing also of Kusanagi suspect in variety on program such as "You may laugh". The acting ability was evaluated high by movie "A yellow fountain is a collar" of the first leading role (03 years). Moreover, it challenged the song and the drama in Korean as character "[Chonan] Caen" that read the stage name in Korean.

"SMAP×SMAP" Fuji Television Network that broadcasts four as "You may laugh" etc. regular programs (The narration is included) assumes, "Be conferring on correspondence by each program now" (Public Relations Department).

The 28th schedules broadcasting to variety program "'[Pu]' End" in which the grass calm suspect serves as regular in TV Asahi for next time. Collection is finished, and the this company Public Relations Department assumes, "The content of broadcasting is examined".

Moreover, NHK spoke program for children of the educational television to which the grass calm suspect irregularly served as the narration "[Pitagorasuicchi]" with "(times of the appearance of this suspect) I want to postpone broadcasting now" (bureau of announcing to public).

In addition, the grass calm suspect served as the terrestrial digital broadcasting spread promotion character in July, '06, and CM of meter about 128,000 times a year was broadcast by NHK and the commercial broadcast general situation. The digital broadcasting promotion society requested the broadcasting discontinuance of CM to each broadcasting station, and started the examination of the replacements such as posters and handbills.

On the other hand, Toho in the distribution origin is speaking screening movie "Love without the BALLAD name either is stricken" of the schedule of a nationwide opening to the public by starring the Kusanagi suspect on September 5, "After it confers with parties concerned, I want to judge opening to the public".

- Toyota decides it CM discontinuance.

Toyota Motor that had appointed the Kusanagi suspect to CM of "Toyota Rentalease" decided the broadcasting discontinuance of CM dated of the same day the 23rd. P&G that had been appointed to the advertisement of household detergent "Arriere" was decided to postpone broadcasting television CM now, too.

When it is caught by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Akasaka official, grass calm great physical strength suspect (34) that the flagrant delict was arrested by the public indecency charge by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Akasaka station on the 23rd shouts, "When it is nakedness, it is bad what", makes hands and feet flap, and says that it raged.

The grass calm suspect says that he or she will admit the suspicion , saying that "The mistake is not found in being in the stark-naked".

According to the same police station, there were the 110th from the resident near the port ward Japanese cypress town park in Tokyo and Akasaka , saying that "The drunken man makes a noise" around 2:55AM of the 23rd. The site is adjacent to commercial complex "Tokyo Midtown" in the park in the center of a city in the place of the north about 200 meters at under metropolitan management subway Oedo Line Roppongi Station.

When three this officials ran, the grass calm suspect was squatting down cross-legged on the lawn in the plaza in the park. There were no one in surroundings, and leaves, the denim jacket, the waist pouch, and shoes were taken off to be near. The official says that he or she put it to seeing and the patrol car that comes the grass calm suspect in the seat for protection because he or she makes noise loudly when the official notes it.

The alcohol of 0.8 milligrams in the expiration one liter was detected from the arrest in the sobriety test after about 4?5 hour. 0.15 milligrams of the level that becomes a driving while slightly drunk are far exceeded by the Road Traffic Law, and it is said that a considerable drinking was done.

When there is a plaza in the basket court and the lawn in the park, and the night comes, it is said that it is likely to make noise because the young person gathers according to the resident in the vicinity. The nearby woman spoke, "It was annoying, and had notified the police at night". Schoolboy (18) of one year spoke the university in Meguro Ward that had visited the park, "Grass calm is really surprised to know the arrest with the adult impression steady as the chairperson was etc. on the television".

It is said that the chain is multiplied by the doorway until 11:00PM-5:00AM so that the park may consider the vicinity resident, and the use self-imposed control was requested according to the same district where the park is managed.

- "Apologize deeply" Johnny's Production.

The person in charge of administration ..reporters.. read out the comment around 0:30PM Johnny's Production. 「I apologize deeply for a large trouble and worrying about you about a lot of everybody including everybody of the fan. I will report on the activity of the person in question in the future etc. again. 」It makes it.

- "All the terrestrial digital broadcasting posters are substituted" Hatoyama the Public Management Minister.

Public Management Minister Kunio Hatoyama confronts reporters on the 23rd. 「If it is a fact, I feel strong anger. I wanted the people to act considering the social responsibility because responsibility was borne and it was chosen the analog [**ha] [suru] image character putting it. The influence on the terrestrial digital broadcasting spread is not 0. All posters etc. are substituted. 」It described.

- Inagaki Goro controls the activity voluntarily in the past.

Inagaki Goro has gotten the flagrant delict arrested in Tokyo Shibuya Ward in the member of SMAP on the suspicion of crime of obstructing the performance of official duty and the violation of the Road Traffic Law (no parking) in August, '01. The activity during about the vicinity of the prosecution delay disposal and half a year was controlled voluntarily.


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