The measurement transmission rate of WILLCOM CORE XGP to be descending about 18Mbps, and going up about 12Mbps.

  • 2009/04/23(木) 15:34:42


Terribly … It is smooth.

The area limitation service of next generation PHS"WILLCOM CORE XGP" of WILLCOM was announced following the other day's UQ WiMAX today.

Animation here is a monitor image of the transmission rate via the antenna set up in the hall. About 18Mbps (green line) and going up are ..descending.. numerical values named about 12Mbps (red line seen for one minute) in this actual measurement value though the theory value is upper and lower 20Mbps. Judging from seeing the graph, the speed seems to have gone out considerably stabilizing. Does a numerical value near the theory value come out if the incoming signal strength avoids it in the town?I hear that do the tuning at present, and the service beginning scheduled in around October this year aimed at the improvement in addition. It is considerably fast at the time of , of [iyaa] present etc.It was surprised for a moment. Because UQ WiMAX was "Descending 5.9Mbps and going up 3.5Mbps".


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