Mibu-kyougen until the sound the 29th ("[Kandenden]" and the musical band).

  • 2009/04/23(木) 15:30:14


"Mibu large [nen**] (Strike it ..no sleep..) trick" of the important intangible folk cultural property of the country (Mibu-kyougen) started in Mibu-dera (Kyoto City Nakagyo Ward) on the 21st according to growing "[Kandenden]" of holding concurrently and the drum. The repertoire at beginning of event is "[****] ([houraku]) dividing. "About 1000 [****] (earthenware pot of the unglazed pottery) that the performer piled up in the forestage was dropped under the stage climatically at a dash, it divided, and "[O-]" and the shout of joy happened from the viewer.

Mibu-kyougen is assumed to be a start for the monk and the [ensato] saint of Kamakura Period that revives Mibu-dera to explain teaching 1300(Masayasu 2) age and Buddhism plainly. 30 all repertoires are performed spending nine days.

The commodity is broken by the retaliation of [**tsudumi] (parentheses)(drum) sales [zuruwoshita] .."[****] remunerative".. [****u] concerning the branch shop of the market. As for the calamity, [****] of 25 centimeters in the diameter uses those who visit a shrine at Setsubun and the one that wishes disregarding and dedicated it is used. Child the bamboo bay Toku (61) of Ibaraki Prefecture [kasumigaura] [shi] seen with the friend was speaking, "The scene that divided [****] was dynamic".

1:00PM on the 29th of every day?About 5:30. There is an evening performance since 6:00PM only on the 29th. Adult 800 yen, high school student 600 yen, and grade-schooler 400 yen.


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