It puts it on the market from the cellular phone and au that can be talked over the telephone by the power of the sun in June.

  • 2009/05/05(火) 15:22:40

au 太陽
KDDI and Okinawa cellular clarified the solar panel adoption waterproof carrying that became a world first on April 20, 2009 and it was clarified to schedule the sale in June.

This solar panel adoption waterproof carrying is scheduled to be put on the market with the terminal made by Sharp as a lineup of the model in the summer of 2009.

It is assumed that the telephone call of about one minute has power generation and the charge performance that waiting becomes possible for about two hours by the charge by the photovoltaic generation of about ten minutes.

I hear can usually decrease the charge frequency in the electric power because it is possible to charge it up to 80% or less of the capacity of the battery by the photovoltaic generation, and the contribution to the CO2 reduction moreover.

It is assumed that environmental conservation activities through the au cellular phone are strengthened further after the summer of 2009, and this product becomes the one developed as the part though this company has worked on environmental conservation activities such as the improvements and "Green Road Project" of the recycling rate and the recycling rate of the cellular phone terminal as "It is an important obligation as the global enterprise to promote the global environmental protection".

Moreover, it is said that the environment and the social contribution activity executed with the user schedule to continue, and are examining a new environmental preservation project though environmental conservation activities "Green Road Project" of the user participation type schedule the end on April 30.


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