It can enjoy the impact of G with Wii. 'Monster hunter G' Raid

  • 2009/05/03(日) 14:51:54

monster hanter_ wii
Capcom puts the regular version and the starter packing of ACT for Wii 'Monster hunter G' on the market on April 23 tomorrow.

This work is Wii transplant work of the hunting action game that is put on the market with PS2 in 2005 and takes the world by storm. The Wii version is software only for a classic controller, and the type of a button operation near another and an operation type of near an original version portable game series that is is prepared.

Easiness to play improves by new elements such as "Mixture in the box" in an original version without and "My set registration of the armor" having been added on the system side. "G class" of a superlative degree class can be prepared in "Network mode" to be able to enjoy the cooperation play by four people or less, and a different item and the material be collected normally and hard.

The trial version of Wii to which the sale is scheduled in the summer of one promotion card and 2009 of TCG 'Monster hunter hunting card' 'Monster hunter 3(trial)' bundles it to the regular version. 'Monster hunter G' original specification classic controller in addition to bundled thing of the regular version is bundled to the starter packing.


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