The 20th Gameboy birth anniversary

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Gameboy is put on the market on April 21, 1989, and year 20 in today is received. Then, I will look back on the sale career etc. of Gameboy.

- Gameboy is put on the market on April 21, 1989.
The history of Gameboy started here. The time limit of the battery that can be played for about 35 hours with four single [san] alkaline batteries is the best in the series. 'Super Mario land' 'Tetris' was popular as soon as. The headphone became another sales according to the main body price cut on June 6, 1994.

Gameboy with strength of strong place that endures bombing in the Gulf War on endurance side. This can see the appearance that is exhibited to "Nintendo World Store" in New York, and moves actually. Please stop by all means when you go to New York.

- [Ge-mubo-iburosu] is put on the market on November 21, 1994.
Six color Gameboy appears as a younger brother amount of Gameboy. It started by Gameboy and the skeleton design appeared. The design where the base is seen is good-looking. 'Pocket monster red' and 'Pocket monster green' to schedule to put it on the market on December 21 only several like 'Monster- of the shadow village of Siren GB - month of [fuuki]' etc. , the inside and 1995 are put on the market as for new software since the end of the year of 1996 1995 at the end when five years or more had passed from the sale on February 27, 1996. The sale, the communication exchanging in two kinds of versions, and interest that was able to fight gradually became the extension booms by word of mouth. Vigor returns to Gameboy again thus, a lot of new software comes to be developed again, and it hands it over with the Gameboy pocket.

- The Gameboy pocket is put on the market on July 21, 1996.
Gameboy becomes small and it appears. The easiness of the screen to see improves though the battery becomes two AAA batteries, and the time limit of the battery decreased. Vigor has come out from recent in new software of Gameboy again. As for only and dissatisfied a point, to suppress the cost of manufacturing, the power lamp has been deleted. The battery cutting was not able to be understood without the power lamp, and there was often a thing said a sudden battery cutting while playing a game, too. As for this problem, the power lamp is installed again by the latter term model. It might be more valuable for a moment that there is no power lamp in such a meaning.

- The Gameboy light is put on the market on April 14, 1998.
Two colors (gold and silver) were put on the market. However, it is not put on the market excluding Japan. The main body of an original design started as commemoration of the movie opening to the public in the Pokemon center and it was put on the market. Pikachu's cheek is ..power lamp [nanoga].. lovely.

- The Gameboy color is put on the market on October 21, 1998.
....wanting play.. Gameboy.. letting go, and it becomes and it appears in the color in every color. It has evolved from current Gameboy 56 color simultaneous possible [hatsuiro] in 32000 colors it as the infrared rays communication function standard equipment and the strap hall are installed first. The Gameboy rewriting service of the Nintendo power began in Lawson in the whole country on March 1, 2000. 'Deluxe Super Mario Brothers' Some the titles only for rewriting such as 'Balloon fighting spirits GB' appear as soon as, too.

'Pocket monster crystal version' and 'Mobile golf' etc. ..doing.. The download contents that used the network, and the game was happier and there was some software that was able to play serving another "Mobile system GB" that used "Mobile adaptor GB" was. However, it felt self-conscious about visiting and service ended in less than one year because it was not able to use it if there was communication expense high neither or a cellular phone.

- Game Boy Advance is put on the market on March 21, 2001.
CPU of 32bit is installed. The game at equal to the Nintendo Super Entertainment System level came to be able to play by palmtop. Complete reproduction might be difficult on the operation side though there was considerably a transplanted game, too in the restriction of the relations etc. of the number of buttons. Moreover, the software of the Gameboy series that has been put on the market up to now being able to play, too is a point that I am glad. There was some software said that there was a little difference or the manner of operation changed if playing by the advance in a part of the Gameboy color software, too.

Game Boy Advance SP is put on the market on February 14, 2001.
The thing that front right is installed in Game Boy Advance, the fold type of a Gameboy first series is adopted, and the screen is damaged by this has decreased. The place of the cartridge slot put on the main body till then moved to the lower side. The 20th family computer birth anniversary was celebrated and the family computer version was presented with the premium of the campaign.
- Game Boy Advance SP equipped with the backlight puts it on the market in foreign countries. It unputs it on the market in Japan.

- The Gameboy micro is put on the market on September 13, 2004.
It was put on the market together with the 20th Super Mario anniversary, and the family computer version of the same design as the family computer was popular. The thing played more brightly and more beautifully than Game Boy Advance equipped with the backlight became possible.

On the other hand, the face plate is marketed in the schedule at first and there is a dissatisfied element that schedules that were able to be exchanged freely said that it cannot connect the GBA cable that cannot use peripherals of a current Gameboy series and Game Boy Advance because there is no interchangeable software of putting aside indefinitely (Appear only with the premium etc.) and the Gameboy series. It was pros and cons the price changed the Nintendo DS and hardly, too.

How was the Gameboy on which it roughly looked back for 20 years?Playing after a long time with a Gameboy real machine looking back at that time though it is a natural age to play a colorful game on a bright screen might be also good now.


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