The artist in Belgium that blooms in "Architect of the flower" Kinkakuji temple is a work exhibition.

  • 2009/03/26(木) 01:42:30

daniel ost kinkakuji

The international work exhibition of flower artist and Daniel Ost (53) = Belgium living = that was called "Architect of the flower" started by Kinkakuji temple ([shika**tera]) and the height of the Kyoto City Kita Ward on the 25th.

Ost announces the work that uses the plant in traditional construction of many parts of the world including the decoration of a Belgian royal family. The work exhibition has been opened in [iezumitaku] Sugimoto and To-ji Temple, etc. also in Kyoto.

In the announcement in Kinkakuji temple, this time is the first time. It descends consistently with uniting western and eastern cultures as the theme, and the work etc. that image the moon because it knits the work that composes the stem of a plant according to the wave pattern of pictures on partitions and the bamboo in Kyoto are exhibited in [katajou]. A unique work such as forming that supply cherry blossoms to the annulus ring lines up in the garden, and visit to a shrine person's eyes are pulled.
Until the 27th. Admission fee 5000 yen.


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