80 percent deodorant and the sound are a smell safe pants impossible at 30 seconds of breaking wind.

  • 2009/04/29(水) 22:28:05

What is News of Japan today?
オナラ パンツ
Fiber maker "Seiren" of Fukui city put pants that erased the smell of breaking wind on the market. It is said that the ceramic particle and the metal ion woven to the string adsorb and resolve the smell.

The request from the nursing site is received and it develops. The fiber according to its own measurement with the effect of erasing 80% of the smell in 30 seconds. It is a design just like usual pants for general.

For men 4800 yen and for women 5800 yen. However, it is a person in charge , saying that "Even the sound cannot be erased". Purchase is a site of this company.

From イノドールクイック

The Japanese is sensitive to the smell.


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