The installation location of that full-scale Gundam turns out.

  • 2009/04/28(火) 22:20:37

What is News of Japan today?
The statue of "..original size.. largeness" of animated cartoon "Mobile soldier Gundam" that appears in "Sea breeze park" (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo) in July decides and it has been decided to the Tokyo Olympics invitation in 2016 to appeal putting up the logo to cooperation and the shoulder.

The installation location of that full-scale Gundam that had been wrapped in the mystery excluding being built in the sea breeze park of Odaiba up to now finally turned out.

Full-scale Gundam that appears as part of "GREEN TOKYO Gundam project" held at 7/11 (Saturday)?8/31 (Monday). The installation location that becomes the nature of this statue of 18m in height is "Plaza in the sun. " in the [zubari] sea breeze park. Saying should be able to look at the Gundam dyed to standing against the backdrop of the sea, and the evening glow such as "[Hoteruguranpashifikkuru] diver".

This project progresses to invite "Reproduction of city Tokyo where green overflows" and Tokyo Olympics for 16 years through the full-scale statue. It is said that the booth where the environment was made a theme and sales of original goods, etc. are scheduled, and it is reduced from earnings such as "Tokyo fund-raising of green" for the event period.

It is at the point that it hangs to a left shoulder of Gundam out the logo of the Olympics bidding at 8/1 (Saturday)?8/31 (Monday) that is paid attention in the new evidence that turned out this time. It becomes strong reinforcements for the achievement of Tokyo Olympics as "Tokyo Olympics in 2016 and Paralympic Games invitation support version".

It is Tokyo Olympics that does [shirube**] as for "Green the Olympics". The upsurge to invitation wears further heat by Hachiko, Miss Japan, and loosening and queuing up in the character, and turning on Gundam.

The Gundam image is produced in commemoration of the 30th broadcasting anniversary of the animated cartoon. It is said that 50 places of the body shine by 18 meters in height according to the setting of the animated cartoon, and the fog is jetted. Open to the public free of charge in this park for two months from July 11 is scheduled. The logo is put up on 1?31 day in August, and the invitation movement of the Olympic Summer Games and Paralympic Games is supported.


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