Roentgenography device to which child's uneasiness is softened by "Pokemon" design"Mobile dart evolution"

  • 2009/04/26(日) 18:38:45

What is News of Japan today?

I hear that roentgenography device "MobileDaRt Evolution" for a digital going rounds for the infant who used the design of that "Pocket monster diamond pearl" for all aspects of the device was put on the market according to Shimadzu Corporation on April 17. The price is from 72.6 million yen, and, perhaps, it seems that it is a price of the class that follows a jumbo jet in a current product from which the Pokemon is designed.

It seems to be able to reduce uneasiness and fear of the child who undergoes the inspection by using the Pokemon for all aspects of the device, and to expect a smooth positioning and taking a picture according to release. I hear that the trouble evasion when taking a picture as it is not possible to inspect by raging, and crying, and the image becomes indistinct was able to be expected.

Various devices are given to end taking a picture as soon as possible, and to do the positioning (the position put together about FPD) when the infant inspects it including the inspection of the newborn baby in the incubator in infant ICU smoothly, small FPD is installed. A fast taking a picture speed is achieved according to the significant power, and the decrease of the exposed dose and the efficiency improvement of the inspection are enabled to be expected as the rephotograph that originates in the subject blur etc. is decreased.

By the way, the concept is "With a smile in children who suffer from the injury and sickness energetic", and the sale of the Pokemon design version puts out only the country.


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