Kitano Odori beginning of enough creation dance emotion

  • 2009/04/25(土) 23:47:56


"The 57th Kitano Odori" began in Kamishichiken Kaburenjo in Kyoto City Kamigyo Ward on the 16th. The art maiko performed a graceful dance, and the hall was wrapped in the resplendent atmosphere.

25 art maikoes perform. The first "Bride of dragon king" is a creation ballet that depicted the pure love of the daughter of the fox of the mother trowing and the young person in the village based on the folk tale of praying for rain. It gazed to the animal such as rabbits and apes and the spectator gazed to acting of the geisha of [funshita] geishas' comical dance and dragon king posts where power overflowed.

The second is "Dancer's fan capital play" where a great scene of the kabuki and the play that makes the capital a theme is spelt by the dance. the end dancing of "Seven nocturne".. ..flower street rich emotion.. was finished off.
Until the 26th.


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