Both shores in the river are Matsuo Taisha Shrine Japanese roses full-bloomed in the golden color.

  • 2009/04/24(金) 23:37:15

It is received about to look at Japanese rose of the special product in Matsuo Taisha Shrine in Kyoto City Nishikyo Ward. Both shores in the river that flows in precincts are dyed to the golden color, and tourists are enjoying the appearance of a lovely flower that shakes to the wind of spring.

There are three kinds of Japanese roses in precincts as single and double flower, etc. , and about 3000 stocks are planted in [igawaso] of one it. Because the wild species that grew naturally in the region before decreased because of the house development, Matsuo Taisha Shrine is planting [shita] in about 30 years ago.
It flowered at the beginning of this month, and it became full-bloomed about the fifth earlier than average years warmly by passing 20 degrees every day. It is good when it is possible to enjoy it at the end of this month, and the light improves from 6:00PM to 9 o'clock at the both days of 18 and 19. Seeing is free.



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