Is it Sanjou-Oohashi Bridge street Hirado to "Edo joining prefecture" reproduction?Three Dutch of traverse in Tokyo

  • 2009/04/22(水) 22:55:42

Is Dutch trading house installed in Nagasaki and Hirado and Hirado in commemoration of receiving 400 years this year?The participant of "Edo joining prefecture big walk 2009" that traversed between Nihonbashi of Tokyo left Sanjou-Oohashi Bridge in Kyoto City Nakagyo Ward on the 13th.

Aim of reproduction of three Dutch walking lovers of "Edo joining prefecture" by length of mercantile house done in Edo period, and deepening exchange with walking companion in various places. This walk execution committee sponsored it, and three people were left Hirado on the 14th of last month, and arrived from Kyushu at Sanjou-Oohashi Bridge via Shikoku and the Mainland on the 11th this month.

About 20 people such as members of the prefecture walking society leave Sanjou-Oohashi Bridge with the member on this day. It walked 23 kilos to the schedule and the JR Seta station (Otsu City) of this day.
Member's Mr. (60) low Lee bullet「It is possible to exchange with various people, and it walks happily. The physical condition is also good. 」It spoke. It is scheduled to arrive at Nihonbashi on the 12th of next month.


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