Trader"Mis-exhaust gas machine operation" To the passage for the Kyoto station building large power failure

  • 2009/03/26(木) 01:25:03

City National Fire Prevention and Control Administration clarified that the explanation had been received when there was a possibility for the vendor of the commodity to mistake from JR Kyoto Isetan and to touch the button of the smoke discharger on the 26th due to the whole building power failure that had occurred in the JR Kyoto station building in Kyoto City Shimogyo Ward on the 25th. The possibility that the mis-operation of the smoke discharger leads to the power failure is high, and city National Fire Prevention and Control Administration attends the investigation by the Kyoto station building development on the same day, and examines it in detail.

The smoke discharger that mis-operates is set up on the wall of the passage for the commodity delivery in the Isetan subbasement according to the Kyoto station building development. A general guest says that the record to which the button is pushed remains at a central control center in the place that doesn't go in and out at 3:47PM about three minutes ago of the power failure of the 25th.

It is said that the employee of the person in charge of disaster prevention of Isetan spoke to catching on the night of the 25th, "There is a possibility of the mistake of the basket that carries the vegetable of the vendor of going in and out or the corrugated cardboard and hitting the button" according to city National Fire Prevention and Control Administration.

Isetan General Affairs Department says, "Because it is not possible to specify it at present, details to which the button is pushed are continuously investigated".

It is said that having intercepted a part of the electrical circuit while constructing the high-pressure receipt equipment of the building at that time also influences, and it led to the power failure of one hour according to the explanation of the Kyoto station building development though it doesn't usually black out only by operating the smoke discharger.


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