Mystery Kanagawa Prefecture that crow a large amount of dies mysteriously, and deepens

  • 2009/04/21(火) 22:43:14

What is News of Japan today?

The corpse of a large amount of crow was found only by Minamiashigara City in the ring field and the coppice on the fifth this month. 59 mysterious deaths of the specialist and the local being thoroughly surprised , saying that "These kind of things are the first time"?。The corpse is anatomized the bird flu virus, both agricultural chemicals, and the raticide, etc. are innocent the result though examined presence. The cause of one's death has not been understood yet, and the mystery just deepens.

The site is [mamashita] district that extends to the notch in the Minamiashigara City northern part. There is a lair in the coppice or a lot of crows fly over the sky. The farmer in local spoke with "It is a favorite dish though whether it was a bone dust and a soybean that mixed with the fertilizer were done".

"The crow is dead. "It is on the morning of the fifth that there was a report in the city. When staff of the prefecture arrived at the site, it was lying in the field and the coppice into which the corpse of a large amount of crow had gone from the farming route. Most of 59 corpses concentrated on all sides 50 meters, there was no injury, and the wing was shut.

"If it is a fight and it is a natural death, it is, and the wing is sure to be expanded and the injury to be dead" and birds and beasts protection member's men. The person in charge in the prefecture also looks doubtful , saying that "There were neither a vomit (The vomit and diarrhoea was stricken) when it ate the poison nor signs in which it had foamed at the mouth".

The possibility of dying of hunger from there were no traces on the stomach is incontrovertible.

However, the Akira Sugita honor professor at Utsunomiya University with the alias of "Crow doctor" points out, "It cannot be natural that a lot of crows die of hunger only to this in one place". On that「In having been artificially killed. There is an embarrassed possibility with the place that the exterminator throws away, too. 」It guesses. The crow also has surfaced cautious and smartly also "Theory of the corpse bringing in".

Is Tokyo in which it works on the crow exterminating descending about 100 pieces that sets meat and fat with decoy's crow and 10,000 during year?15,000 is captured. The exterminator in Tokyo explains, "It is thought that the capital and the trader are strictly managing his corpse though there is not an injury when doing with carbon dioxide during the [korotokoro] minute, either the wing is shut, and it dies".

A large amount of empty bottle and garbage in the empty can etc. are scattered in the coppice on the site, and the signboard of the next Shizuoka Prefecture Koyama-cho and the Shizuoka prefectural police Gotenba station that appeals for the illegal disposal prevention is thrown away.

Man (66) who informed is "Do you go to the interior of the coppice entered from the farming route to throw away crow's corpse all the way?"About the cause of one's death, it did not go out of the region of the guess, and an expression that seemed to be uneasy was floated anyway under the present situation.

Is this a sign of something?



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