It falsifies, "It is ..forgetting the history..", and it displays it to a Chinese national flag the diplomatic relation ministry page.

  • 2009/04/20(月) 12:41:48

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport clarified that the page of "Procurement information disclosure system" that published tender information etc. on the article that this ministry ordered was falsified on the 13th. The prospect of the restart is said that it will not leave though ..13:20.. the 12th page is closed and recovery efforts are continued.

It is about at 12:30PM according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of 10:00AM of the 11th to be falsified. A Chinese national flag was projected when accessing it, and the message of "Remenber History" (Do not forget the history) was displayed.

The falsification turned out in the point of National Information Security Center on the evening of the 11th. The virus infection is assumed not to be confirmed up to the present time while investigating a detailed situation of falsified details etc.

The bureaucrat in Japan is incapable.
Japanese shame.
Why is it being violated by the hacker in such a developing country?


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