Sony enters everything and announces high-end Walkman "X series" about the browser adoption for 98% noise cutting function, the organic EL touch panel, One Seg, and YouTube.

  • 2009/04/19(日) 12:29:11

What is News of Japan today?

Sony announced newest model "X series" of Walkman today.

The browsing including watching YouTube is a possible flagship model wireless LAN was adopted besides organic EL display and One Seg are installed such as [dejitarunoizukyanseringu] functions that the noise can be cut by 98% and the home theaters. a full, digital amplifier that achieves a near Music reproduction and the high-resolution the installed original sound

Moreover, it corresponds to the file transfer in drag & drop that doesn't use attached software "SonicStage".

Sony seems to put two models of "NW-X1050" equipped with the flash memory of "NW-X1060" and 16GB that installed the flash memory of 32GB as new model "X series" of Walkman since April 25 on the market.

"NW-X1060" "[Dejitarunoizukyanseringu] function" etc. that cut a surrounding noise by about 98% are built into "NW-X1050" besides an original sound can be faithfully reproduced by suppressing the noise caused when tone quality deteriorates, and it converts it the distortion of the sound to the minimum by installing full, digital amplifier "S-Master" from which Sony is adopted for the product related to the AV amplifier and the home theater.

In addition, 3.0-inch wide organic EL display that can enjoy contents of animation, the photograph, and the one-segment broadcasting, etc. including the music clip by the high-resolution is installed by high luminance, a high contrast, and the wide viewing angle. It corresponds to the touch panel operation, and an intuitive operation such as "Scene scroll" that can quickly retrieve "Album scroll" that can choose the album that listens at once and the scene that" wants to see is possible.

And, without attached software "SonicStage" how the video, the photograph, and music can be forwarded by [dorakku] & drop!

Moreover, it corresponds to FM radio besides it has the streaming of related animation up-loaded to YouTube by using wireless LAN from the artist name, the album name, and the name of a song of the listened music besides watching and the browsing of YouTube are possible because wireless LAN and a browser are installed reproduction etc. and "Leaving link" function that can be done.

This is a main body of "X series". The color variations are two colors (the black and red).



The touch panel operation is also possible.

Album scroll

Scene scroll

It seeming is about 40,000 yen, and 32GB model be about 50,000 yen. 16GB model the market presumption price

It is too high.
I think it is old-fashioned.
The age is an age of iPhone.
This might be put on the market two years ago and the cod hit be done.

It is too related to immediate profit.
Therefore, timing was missed.
It is accepted by the consumer and it doesn't exist only by mimicking Apple.


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