The elementary school in Hokkaido is exhibiting wholly in the net auction.

  • 2009/04/18(土) 12:19:52

What is News of Japan today ?

It was clarified that the elementary school in Hokkaido that received unification and reorganization by the falling birthrate and had been closed a school had been wholly exhibited in the net auction.

I hear the exhibition of not only the schoolhouse but also equipment wholly, and the search for the highest bidder who recycles.

Government and municipal offices auction

It seems to have closed seven elementary schools by the unification and reorganization of the elementary school to which the [niikappu] town in Hokkaido had gone according to "Government and municipal offices auction" that Yahoo JAPAN did. I hear that four schools that remained were exhibited in the auction as for three schools though it decided selling off of recycling ahead and.

Not only the site in the elementary school and the schoolhouse but also the school personnel houses, etc. are wholly sold off, and it is assumed to the user who made a successful bid that the support of the foundation of the support system that centers on a financial side like the repair expense etc. of facilities etc. is done.

Four schools in elementary school to which this was exhibited this time. The beginning price is 21.8 million yen in cheapest "[Sono] ..youth.. elementary school" though the phrase "For southwest", "Heating is a Central method with the benignancy style type boiler", and "A part of floor heating" etc. like introductory essay of the rental unit queues up.


It is recycled to be demolished and you might continue the building though "The alma mater is sold off" thinks that it is the one that slight loneliness is felt for the graduate.


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