Super-huge, underground space. Underground mining place mark

  • 2009/04/17(金) 11:57:55

What is News of Japan today?

"Otani mining place mark" that is modernization industry inheritance in Tochigi Prefecture Utsunomiya City"Otani material pavilion"
Official HP Otani material pavilion

It sees in the map.

Details : as follows.

There are about roughly 20m up to the ceiling, and it is overwhelmed considerably.

Enya's concert was heard to be held. It seems to sound ..terrible...

The person looks small terrible. It seems to have been used as a clandestine factory in the underground, and what you made from such a huge space is very anxious during this space and the war.
This is a mystery.

Here, mining [sareteita] Ohya stone is a rhyolite quality rubble tuff used also for the free educational institution discernment that old Imperial Hotel (F.L . light design) day pavilion, and the one that it advances and the rasp of wanting seeing was gathered to dig up the tunnel in the mountain as for it. Mining was done now, and there was considerably a stone shop in surroundings though it had become ahead in the vicinity for 100 years because it was an age of the light. Open to the public as mining place mark is, that one piece in Tokyo Dome enters wholly by the part like a terrific size.


I looked like something religious there.


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