Three bicycle people must get on, and to the opening in July

  • 2009/04/12(日) 08:25:51

What is News of Japan today?
three bicycle

About "Got on by three people" where two infants were taken before and behind the bicycle, the advisory committee of the National Police Agency (chairman and large professor of brook Takeshi Aoyama Gakuin) wanted to assume that it was necessary to admit only the bicycle for which safety was secured on the ninth and put the report that showed a concrete constructional safety standard together.

The National Police Agency guides the revision of the administrative divisions public safety commissioner association rule that will be grounds of the prohibition when the future to police departments across the country. Getting on of three people is expected to be lifted in July if it is early.

Three people were decided to get on in trying the thoroughness of the National Police Agency in the prohibition and the younger mothers had been deciding the policy reversal to repulsion and a conditional opening , saying that "It is unreal". As for the report, the manufacturer that the emphasis and this agency requested development from the necessity of countermeasures to the falling birthrate and child-nurturing support also is developing the product that fills the safety standard.


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