Osamu Tezuka drew "Phoenix" in this desk … It is a debut in Edo-Tokyo Museum.

  • 2009/04/12(日) 08:11:12

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tezuka desk

The work desk of the patronage that has been left in home in Higashikurume City, Tokyo of cartoonist and Osamu Tezuka (1928?89) is exhibited by "[Osamuten] Tezuka" (sponsor like the Yomiuri Shimbun etc.) opened in Edo-Tokyo Museum (Sumida Ward, Tokyo) on the 18th.

A general opening to the public is the first time. It is thought that masterpieces such as "Twenty-one", "Buddha", and "Phoenix" at latter term were drawn.

This desk is an office desk made of steel general. After it used during 20?30 year until dying, and this house built in 1980, it was put on the work room of about eight mats of the second floor. It seemed to be Tezuka who had glasses of patronage and doctor's besides the pocketbook qualifications and there was a vintage stethoscope in drawing out, too. Tezuka was writing a comic according to eldest son's [**] sprawling in the futon when working often at home, and becoming busy.

[**]「It did not stick to the tool by drawing in the mandarin orange box when it was young. It should be able to be understood to have carried out the life that doesn't choose patronized simple desk [karamo] [hiroshihoufude]. 」It speaks.


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