Cartoon "ONE PIECE" author is arrested at the threat suspicion age of 27.

  • 2009/04/12(日) 08:04:53

What is News of Japan today?
one piece

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's assuming that the threat mail was sent to the author(Oda Eiichiro) of popular cartoon "ONE PIECE" that depicts the pirate's adventure, and having been arresting suspect (27) in the Tokyo Machida city on the suspicion of the threat have understood the ninth from coverage to the same police station. It is said that the suspicion will be admitted.

The suspect has the grudge in the dismissal of Mr./Ms. Oda's office from the husband, and there is a doubt of transmitting the mail of "It is possible to die, and die" etc. and the threatened content to Mr./Ms. Oda's cellular phone about 100 times according to the police station 07 from September through Decembers of year.

The consultation of damage is received from Mr./Ms. Oda and it investigates. It arrested it on the seventh this month.


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