Nissan adopts the downsizing engine in full scale.

  • 2009/04/12(日) 07:54:01

What is News of Japan today ?
Nissan Motor Co. clarified a new engine that put up the turbo-charger (supercharging machine) as part of the technology for the environment on the eighth and the plan installed in the compact car was clarified one by one in 2010. The output equal with a big engine of the engine displacement is achieved by about 30 percent by putting up turbo to the engine of a small engine displacement and improving power. It is said that fuel cost improves compared with the car equipped with the engine that corresponds to the engine displacement that improves with turbo, and the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaust can be reduced.

The engine displacement of the engine under development is 1600cc. It comes to be able to get an equal about 180 horsepower with 2000?2200cc class by installing turbo. It is said that fuel cost is installed within the range of 1600cc though the output improves. It is scheduled to install it in "[Tei;-da]" located in new small SUV (multipurpose vehicle for sports) turned on in 2010 and the world strategy sedan.

Besides this, it is planned to install turbo in the engine of 1200cc class, and thinks turning on to there are a lot of volume of saless and compact a car.

"Downsizing concept" to improve the output with the supercharging machine such as turbo though the engine swept volume is made small precedes with a European car and has been taken. "TSI engine" of "Golf" series of German Volkswagens is an example of the representative. French Citroen also added the model equipped with the downsizing engine to "C4 Picasso".

For the automaker in Japan, it is said that turbo is often put up to the engine of engine displacement 2000cc or more such as sports cars, and there is little installation example to a small engine.


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