The introduction of the streaming service is examined for Nintendo, Wii, and the Nintendo DS.

  • 2009/04/12(日) 07:21:03

What is News of Japan today?
The introduction of the streaming service seems to be examined though it is very good exceed 50 million sales numbers also by game machine "Wii" of leaving untouched besides handheld game platform "Nintendo DS" exceeds 100 million sales numbers Nintendo.

Because it is a platform widespread worldwide, whether it achieves it is anxious.

From Gossip Gamers

It seemed to have been clarified that president of Nintendo Satoshi Iwata was examining the streaming service aiming at Wii and the Nintendo DS by the interview that The Wall Street Journal had done according to this article.

I hear that this became some "One that seems to be Nintendo" different from the streaming service that Sony and Microsoft are doing by the one that it can enjoy the animation downloaded with Wii also with the Nintendo DS.

It is expected that service will be expanded to North America and Europe after service begins experimentally first of all in Japan and the echo is confirmed though neither the content, the price nor the beginning time etc. of service are clarified.


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