Is "PSP2" or "PSP-4000" does install the touch screen etc. and appearance within the year?

  • 2009/04/12(日) 06:34:43

What is News of Japan today?
The change in a specification great as a large-scale touch screen is installed though it is "PSP2 (Or, PSP-4000)" assumed that the UMD drive might be abolished seems to be added.

From Poket Gamer

The person of being developing new model "PSP2" or "PSP-4000" of PSP now seems to have revealed details of a new model according to this article.

I hear that this developer assumes becoming of "PSP2" or "PSP-4000" the model who looks like iPhone of Apple, and became the one that a dual, analog controller was employed besides providing with a big touch screen. Moreover, it is assumed that on-line sales of game software are done.

By the way, it seems will receive the appearance of "Nintendo DS i" equipped with the success of iPhone of Apple and the download function of game software, and I add such a great change though Sony planned to make "PSP2" or "PSP-4000" the one that some hands were added to "PSP-3000" at first.

A detailed specification and the price, etc. are assumed to be clarified by United States E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo) in June.


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